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Portfolio of a beach front property

Project: Replace old wooden 65' bridge with new dual "I" Beam concrete bridge to a

Min capacity of 25 Tons and match the surrounding decor. 

Since a platform was needed to work on both sides of the bridge. Hi-Tech used the old bridge as a staging and working platform. This saved the customer thousands of dollars

Removal of the abutments and drilling of Piers


Two type of Pier holes ranging from 20" - 24" in diameter, 25'-30' deep were drilled along for a total of 24 holes on the sides and ends of each side of the bridge,

24 Rebar piers from 3/4" to 1" 1/8" to be inserted in the pier holes and filled with 4000 lbs concrete

Rebar piers standing as High Tech Construction clears holes for the main footing walls and end abutments.

You can see the OLD footings in back of the new ones. This help save the customer thousands of dollars.

Placement of two 65' "I" Beams required a 100 Ton crane with a span of 110'. Cross bracing for lateral forces and Earthquake requirements

Right picture, High Gauge sheet metal as a base for the High strength concrete and 3/4" rebar spaced 12" apart with 3" Standoffs every 12" welded to the sheet metal

Bridge was designed 5' + above the old bridge which saved the customer thousands of dollars in Hydrolgelest requirements due to the 100 year flood

Customer chose a color concrete which added a renaissance look surrounded with Granite

The bridge when it was completed

Close-up view of the bridge's corner